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As for how high-end replica watches should use bezel design to find their own way, Romain Gauthier chose to cut a bevel on the round bezel, then cut six sharp and rounded planes on the bevel, and then manually polished each bevel. To the point of being as bright as a mirror; Greubel Forsey directly "distorted" the bezel to make it appear round when viewed from the front, and slightly sideways, but turned into a special arc that cannot be defined by a single shape, creating unprecedented difficulty and fun.

Simply looking at a diving watch - assuming it is really a watch that can be worn for diving - you will not be surprised that it is equipped with a screw-down crown, is waterproof to more than 200 meters, has anti-magnetic properties, and has undergone some kind of process that is enough to meet daily needs. The shock test of life. But what if it’s not a dive watch? What if a watch does not clearly define its applicable field or function? Then you may still have to look at what specifications the watch factory has equipped it with to determine whether it is powerful. Unless, the performance is reflected in the appearance.

The crown shoulder guard is a design that creates a strong look in appearance. As the name suggests, the purpose of this design is to protect the crown and prevent this device, which is used to wind the chain, adjust the time, penetrate the inside and outside of the watch, and connect people and the mechanical structure, from being directly impacted and damaged. Panerai is probably the first example that most people think of. In fact, their method of protecting the crown is no longer a "shoulder", but a whole protective "bridge" that spans outside and wraps the crown. Of course, wearing a military uniform does not necessarily mean you will go to war, and having a crown shoulder guard does not mean how waterproof or impact-resistant a watch is; after all, it is most likely not the crown that is damaged by an external impact, but more damage in the case. Fragile precision movement parts. But at least visually, the crown with shoulder pads does create a certain degree of security, just like a house with dozens of bodyguards standing there best replica Rolex. It doesn’t look easy to break into at all.

Another example is Santos-Dumont and Santos de Cartier under Cartier's entire Santos series. Yes, no matter which sub-series it is, it actually continues the watch design created by Louis Cartier for the legendary aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont more than a hundred years ago. There are also most similar features between the two; it’s just that how does Santos-Dumont They all look elegant, but Santos de Cartier is a little more strong. There are many reasons for its strength, including the enlarged bezel, the curve of the lugs, the font of the hour markers, the sharp-edged polygonal crown... The crown shoulder guard is like the last piece of the puzzle that strengthens the entire watch to break away from tradition. . It is very smart to keep the legendary story of a century while maintaining classicity and contemporary style under the trend of sports watches.